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Sunrise Acres, a 10-acre farm and greenhouse owned and operated by Robert & Barbara Stelle, is located north of Blanchard, Oklahoma. Since November 2003, our farm and greenhouses have been certified organic. We have used organic methods for many years, but our plants and produce are now USDA Certified Organic by Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry(ODAFF). We grow a wide variety of warm and cool season vegetables, vegetable and herb transplants, bedding plants, and perennials. Our produce and plants are grown using natural fertilizers and insect control to protect our customers and the environment. We release ladybugs and other beneficial insects in our garden & greenhouse as needed.

Our products are available for sale at our farm (click here for a map) seven days a week 10 am to 6 pm most days.  Call ahead to see what is currently available.  For almost 20 years Sunrise Acres was a vendor of produce and plants at the OSU-Oklahoma City Farmers Market in Oklahoma City; but as of spring 2015, our products are sold only at our farm.  If you live in central Oklahoma & wish to receive email notification of transplants & produce that are available, send your email address to .

We invite you to visit us at our farm.  Click here for directions to our farm.